More about theServices We Provide

BIEXA was founded with the purpose of delivering Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data Insights solutions based on the Google Cloud Platform Data and Analytics products.

Google originally created the products on the Google Cloud Platform to power their own solutions, and it is these technologies - as well as an abundance of other (primarily open source) technologies - that are now commercially available for companies to build solutions on.

Cost Efficient: By moving legacy Business Intelligence solutions to Google Cloud Platform, your company will be able to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership significantly for such solutions. You will not be bound by contracts on hardware, software or hosting - access to the Google Cloud Platform implies no investments and is entirely charged on basis of usage.

Managed: Contrary to both on-premise and other available cloud computing services, Google Cloud Platform is aimed at providing fully managed solutions and thereby reducing the requirements for IT operations. This  will enable you to focus on business value and agility in developing and implementing your solutions instead of low level IT operations.

Scalable: The Google Cloud Platform provides a scalable architecture that enables you to grow from lab size to Internet scale without having to redesign your solutions. By migrating to Google Cloud Platform you get access to the near-infinite scale that powers the worlds largest cloud company.

Flexible: The vast capacity and performance of the Google Cloud Platform, significantly improves the process of redesigning, developing and implementing your solution. Enabling development and testing on the full dataset and performing full load simulation brings absolute flexibility and agility to your transformation and innovation projects and enables your to work incrementally when building your solutions.

Secure: By moving to Google Cloud Platform your solutions will run on one of the most secure platforms available. Google employs more that 700 of the best security technicians in the world to ensure that the Google Cloud Platform is reliable and secure.

Data Warehousing

Historically Data Warehouse solutions come with high cost and high complexity. Furthermore the development constraint has traditionally been access to performance and capacity in your tiered development environment. This is not the case on the Google Cloud Platform, which has been build to handle data at petabyte scale and at the fraction of the cost of traditional Data Warehousing solutions. BIEXA can assist you in moving your existing Data Warehouse to the Google Cloud Platform range of Data Warehousing products.

Data Processing

The potential of moving your on premise solutions to the Google Cloud Platform Data and Analytics products will enable you to transition from classic ETL to near real time processing without bottlenecks in both batch and streaming mode. It will enable you to build advanced predictive analytics solutions without sacrificing the performance of your entire business intelligence solution. Having done several implementations using both the Google Cloud Platform batch and streaming technologies, BIEXA can assist you in getting maximum efficiency of and minimum "time to market" for your data.

Data Insights

Businesses are increasingly relying on machine learning instead of classical optimization tools to generate valuable insights that help them simplify and streamline their processes and generate value for their customers. By moving your data and analytics solution to the Google Cloud Platform, you will benefit from the most comprehensive and fastest growing Machine Learning tool set, which will bring true convergence from any type of raw data (images, video, text, speech) to purposeful meaning. BIEXA can assist you in bringing life to your data.

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