Leading cloud data analytics solution providers enable a single source of truth, allowing enterprises to easily access, load, store and transform all of their data in a cloud-based data warehouse

Copenhagen, Aug. 24, 2018 — Matillion ETL, a powerful ETL/ELT tool, and BIEXA.COM, the Danish BI and BigData integrator announced a new partnership to make the extract, load, transform (ELT) process in the cloud fast, easy and affordable.

With Matillion ETL – customers in the Nordics can now load data into Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift or Snowflake from a variety of sources, including relational databases, APIs and common systems such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Netsuite and SAP. Customers can also load semi-structured data such as JSON, XML and Avro and integrate them with structured data, helping organizations make informed business decisions.

Traditional ETL methods to extract, transform, and load data are often complicated and costly to implement, delaying crucial time to value for organizations. On-premises systems and “cloud-washed” versions of these legacy systems can also be difficult to scale. Modern solutions like Matillion ETL , however, are designed for the cloud and use a push-down ELT architecture and excel in scalability. Available immediately from the AWS Marketplace and GCP Marketplace, Matillion ETL makes it easy to rapidly build out orchestration and transformation jobs.

With the newly acquired partnership, BIEXA.COM is now able to deliver built-for-the-cloud data warehouses that architecturally scale compute separate from storage to deliver a truly elastic, performant, flexible and affordable solution. Matillion delivers a data integration tool, purpose-built for the cloud, that loads and integrates structured and semi-structured data, facilitating the creation of a single source of the truth for organizations to use to quickly derive data-drive insights.

BIEXA.COM CEO, Per Ahlmann Andersen said: “Partnering with Matillion enables us to deliver solutions that reduces time, cost and friction in the ELT process. Through our partnership, customers will realize up to a 50% reduction of their development and maintenance efforts as a result of the streamlined UI integration to e.g. the Google Cloud Platform”

Daniel Shah, Global Consulting Partnership Manager said: “Customers want solutions that give them a competitive edge via data analytics. By partnering with BIEXA.COM, we are able to ramp up our presence in the Nordics and offer customers a cloud-based data warehousing solution and ELT tool they can get up and running in a matter of minutes.”

About Matillion

Matillion is a modern, powerful ETL/ELT tool that makes data loading and transformation fast, easy and affordable. Matillion is fundamentally changing data integration, enabling customers to innovate – fast – with cloud-native data integration technology that solves individuals’ and enterprises’ top business challenges.


BIEXA.COM helps companies in establishing new, advanced architectures with the ability to service Business Intelligence consolidation, Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning initiatives. The company has strong references in the retail industry, where cutting edge digitalization and machine learning is a key differentiator.